I dag er det


Dette er hjemmesiden til familien Even, Eva, Trym, Tale og Tea. Vi startet vår langtur med seilbåt fra Newport, RI den 26. april 04. Formålet med denne siden er å la familie og venner følge oss på ferden.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Monday 24.12.07, Eva Malmstrøm

Dear friends

The winter has arrived in Norway. It s dark when we wake up, and the darkness returns at three thirty, so it is important to make it cozy inside. We use a lot of candles and light the fire every day.

We have found our warm coat, and the boots with fur inside….ohuuu…but
the cold have some beautiful sides as well, it’s a foggy frost on top
of the sea and it looks almost unnatural, the trees have frosty,
glittering ice on every branch, and when the sun shines it sparkles as
diamonds. We haven’t had much snow, so we haven’t tried our skies, but
we are going to our mountain house between Christmas and New Years
Eve, up there its lot of snow.

It has been a lot of work to get back to “normal” after the trip. And
we have used all our energy and focus on that project. The kids are
now “very well” establish in their new classes (school), and have got
a lots of friends.

Trym is doing his final year and its a lot of exams and projects, so
he is struggling a bit with the academics, but he is doing a fine job.
He is the one that miss New Zealand the most, and his friendship with
Albert from Whangarei. He is playing golf on his spare time, and has
adapted a good swing.

Tale is singing in the school choir and they are doing a Christmas
concert tomorrow, I have witnessed a rehearsal and the conductor is
doing a fantastic job with the kids. Tale plays handball and does
horse riding. She has a lot of homework every day, so it’s not much
time for playing anymore.

Tea is getting tall and mature. She also plays handball and does horse
riding. She loves to read and make stories, and she gets very good
academics reports. She likes to make “things”, so she is the only one
that is finished with all her Christmas presents. She miss her New
Zealand friend Maddie a lot, and we have to try to write more often...

Even it’s working full time on different building projects, and it’s a
big change to see so little of him. I’m getting use to it, but in the
beginning a missed him every day. Now he is doing some interior in a
house 100 km from her, and he is gone from Monday to Wednesday…that’s
life. He is playing football(soccer) again, it’s nice to have something
physical to do, and it’s an easy way to get to now new people.

I’m still doing my glass and painting, and I finished a jewelry
exhibition to day, so I’m exhausted. I sold really well and it feels
good. I’m starting up a gallery and a workshop in an old fortified
town, nearby, it is lot of work, but very exciting. I have had good
response on my new paintings and I’m working on updating my webpage’s
so you all can have a look. I am still doing my morning run, but now
in the winter, just on the treadmill in the garage…hi..hi.. still its
cold. I have started up with handball, and its lot of fun….by the way,
the Norwegian national team lost the final in the World Championship
in Handball against Russia today, but we are second best in the world….

My sister is declared well and she and her family try to get back to
“normal” and accept that she is finely well again. It feels like the
most precious gift of all. It’s nice to be close to my dad and mum
again and we enjoy each others company. I like December; it has a
gentle touch of silence, but still a lot of energy, its nice to spend
time with the family, and just do the same ritual you have done year
after year.

This has been one of my toughest year, many big changes and roughs
processes to get true. Some of them we are still working on, all of us
in the family. But I have much to be grateful for as well, one of
those things, are you folks, to get to now you all and to feel this
loneliness after your friendship. You all have a special place in my
hart, and you will always have a big place in our life, and that feels
good. I have a big wish for the next year and that is to manage to
have the energy to get closer contact with you, to call more and write
more. We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a lovely New Year.

Christmas greetings from Tale, Tea, Trym, Even and Eva

Home in Norway.
Monday 21.05.07, Eva Malmstrøm

Turen er avsluttet og vi har flyttet inn i nytt hus i Engelsviken. Det har vært en sjokkartet opplevelse å komme hjem, men sakte og sikkert glir vi nådeløst tilbake til gamle rutiner og plikter. Vi har hatt 3 vidunderlige år og etterhvert kommer det vel noen betraktninger om hvordan denne turen har endret oss som familie. Akkurat nå hera vi mer enn nok med å bare være en vanlige norsk familie.

Ønsker du å komme i kontakt med oss ligger det oppdatert kontaktinfo på kontakt oss siden.

See pictures from the exibition " One year in New Zealand "

Fra avskjeds festen, NZ mars07

Tove, Tale, Laura, Maddie og Tea, Onerahi Airport

De siste bildene
(oppdt. 24. desember 07)

From our montain house, this is from "Glenna".

Trym is enjoying the snow.

Tale in Etnedal in December 2007

Tea on skii

Tea og Kristine, The norwegian nastional day

Tale i 17.mai tog, The norwegian nastional day

PÅsken hjemme, Easteregg in Norway